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Linux tips and tricks

HARDWARETerratec Cinergy C PCI HD @ OpenSuse 11.1 -TONin case of missing sound at Kaffeine : edit xine: config Datei ( at user home directory ) - change: engine.buffers.video_num_buffers:3000 ( from before 500 ) becareful: Kaffeine write back entries into the same file - therefor stop kaffeine before editing the file - changes are only considered for the next start of Kaffeine !!
HARDWAREwebcam @ OpenSuse 11.1you need to install all v4l-libs incl. the v4l1compat.so - to start your webcam-application ( e.g. gqcam ) execute from a terminal: LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib64/libv4l/v4l1compat.so gqcam ( this preloads the compat library, which is needed for v4l to work in OS 11.1; attention: you need to reference the libv4l directory within /usr/lib64 if running on x86_64bit !!! )
MailEvolution - Resetrm -r ~/.evolution/
rm -r ~/.gconf/apps/evolution/
evolution --force-shutdown
killall gconfd-2
MobilephoneVodaphone - Mailbox turn off fullydial following number ##002# and press dial / phone - as simple as that
OSDual Boot - 2 Harddiskshaving two HD in one system grub has problems at dual boot - you need to change the file: /boot/grub/menu.lst and change following entry to: rootnoverify (hd0,0) chainloader (hd0,0)+1 { having windows at the first HD in the first partition; otherwise change rootnoverify to hd0,1 or hd1,1 ... }
OpenOfficeOpenOffice doesn't startafter Crash Openoffice is not recovering from document recovery ( seems to be endless loop - high processor load - screen frozen - neverending ... ). To avoid reinstall of Openoffice simple rename / delete following file: /home/user/.openoffice2/user/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/Recovery.xcu that's all.
PRINTERHP PSC 2200 - is blockedEven a restart and power off doesn't motivate the printer to take new jobs or copy/print: do a manual reset by: 1.Press and hold the Setup button. 2.Press the Options button. The printer should be ready to print.
SERVERTelnet - Exchangeserverto find out settings of an Exchangeserver environment: telnet hostaddress port => should connect to the server; then try EHLO test.com
SERVERTelnet - Exchangeserver - text connecttelnet webadress[RETURN] USER xxx[RETURN] PASS yyy[RETURN] LIST[RETURN] -> will list all your mails
SERVERnew CUPS admin userYou need an Admin-Account for Cups - to be able to perform most of the tasks when browsing: http://localhost:631 1)lppasswd -g sys -a NAME
SERVERnew samba userYou would like to create a new Samba-User at a Samba-Fileserver: 1) create user at the local machine e.g. useradd [-G group] 2) smbpasswd -a user
SERVERsmbmount with new cifs - mountto mount new samba-shares with cifs - Filesystem you can't use smbmount anymore. the correct new mount command is:
mount -t smbfs // /d/story -o username=dein_name,workgroup=tommy,uid=1000 for the old:
smbmount // /d/story -o username=dein_name,workgroup=tommy,uid=1000
SoftwareMoneyplex 2008... @ Opensuse 11.31) segmentation fault error : install 64 & 32 bit version of libjpeg.so.62 2) service pcscd must not be active -> stop it and/or delete package pcsc-cyberjack... AND read log file from test program cyberjack ( run it in normal user mode !!! )
SoftwareMoneyplex for Linux & Cyberjack Pinpad1. install software from matrica or Opensuse & last recent cyberjack driver from ReinerSCT Homepage. 2. include user in cyberjack group. 3. lsusb search for cardreader. 4. chmod og+rw /dev/bus/usb/xxx/yyy 5. in user-mode execute in terminal : cyberjack. 6. read: cyberjack.xml -> if everything OK -> 7. moneyplex - install driver from /usr/lib/readers/lib... path
digital image admindigiKamwhen updating digiKam and/or KDE -> no image display within digiKam anymore
update marble-packages as well solves the problem
Impressum image